Monday, August 27, 2012


So many of my favourite memories as a child include times when I had sleepovers.  After all, sleepovers are an important part of childhood and development and can have many positive benefits .  Allowing your child to sleepover can help enhance a sense of independence and self -esteem, result in new experiences, strengthen friendships and experience new rules and routines.   It also allows them to form relationships outside of the family circle.  Your child having a friend sleepover also has its positives.  It can teach them about sharing their space and belongings and compromise.  Most importantly sleepovers can form wonderful memories and lasting friendships. Done in the right way and at the right  time,  a sleepover can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

So when decorating your child’s room you may like to take the occurrence of a sleepover (or many sleepovers) into consideration.  Now it would be fantastic if we all had a space like this... 

but for most of us this unfortunately isn’t the case.  So why not consider a trundle bed?  Useful, affordable and tidy, the trundle bed is a perfect solution on the occasion when you need that extra bed.  We have a range of gorgeous beds and trundle beds available in our Little Peoples Linen Store


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