Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Diner en Blanc Brisbane

I adore white.  White sheets, white walls, white linen.  The Hampton look I like to call it.  I think it’s the clean, crispness of it that appeals to me.  Anyway, my love of all things white is why I was attracted to this event…The first ever Australian Diner en Blanc Brisbane.  1000 lucky people attended the event last Saturday night and with 6800 on the waiting list, next year is set to be HUGE!  If you don’t know what Diner en Blanc is,  it originated in Paris over 20 years ago and the Paris Diner en Blanc now has over 15 000 people attend each year.  The event is held in many countries all over the world and this years Australian Diner en Blanc was an all white dinner party at a secret location here in Brisbane.

So with much excitement and anticipation, we boarded a bus  and were met with a sea of white.  Everyone dressed in all their finest white clothes and accessories.   All of us eager to find out where this secret location was.  My job had been table decorations which of course had to be all white.  White table settings, table cloth, picnic baskets…everything crisp, clean, white.

The event itself was so well organised and within 10 minutes of arriving at our secret destination we had set up our dining experience, collected our hampers and of course the ever important champers.  With the hard work done and the location a secret no longer, we were able to enjoy our dining experience overlooking the city lights on the banks of the Brisbane River at Southbank.   The whole experience was amazing and I can’t wait to hopefully be part of Diner en Blanc again next year.

Here’s some footage of Brisbane Diner en Blanc.

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