Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get that look!

Have you ever checked out Pottery Barn Kids? If you haven’t then you need to, because it is one of my all time favourite websites to go to for decorating inspiration for kids.  I think the whole concept of the store is wonderful and they have so much on offer!  

We must take into consideration our loyalty to buying Australian though,  and it’s extremely important to me to always try and choose Australian made or designed products.  While recently browsing Pottery Barn Kids, I discovered this image of a very cool beach inspired bedroom. 

I really wanted to try and develop the same look right here in Australia using local products.  Well guess what…it can be done!

By using our Sirocco bunk beds and selecting fabrics from our large selection of red plum linen fabric, you can have your very own beach inspired children’s bedroom.  Best of all, red plum linen fabric is custom made, amazing quality and Australian made!  You can check out their gorgeous range of fabrics online at  Little People's Linen.


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