Sunday, August 11, 2013

About Red Plum Linen

With a background in design and manufacturing I decided to create my own range of bedding which would provide mums with a more sophisticated look for their precious daughter or son's bedroom.

As my family has grown to include an equally gorgeous little boy my range has expanded and now provides classic and contemporary bedding and accessories for all age groups.

All of my fabric designs are exclusive to red plum and this has allowed me to keep the vast majority of designs in print to allow customers to come back and add to their sets. The current fabric range totals over 80 separate designs / colourways with new designs coming out each year.

I am proud that all of our bedding and many accessories are made at my work rooms here in Sydney by my talented and loyal girls. Their contribution to our success can not be over looked and ensures that product quality and response to customers is kept at the highest level.

As my daughter is now moving through the teenage years and her brother is more interested in soccer than sleeping I find that I have a little more time and just as much passion to keep developing red plum. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy creating them.


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