Monday, July 16, 2012

A little bit of Yellow

What is it about Monday mornings?  I always seem to yawn more on a Monday morning than any other day of the week.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had a super busy weekend, or maybe it’s because I’ve been in wind down mode over the two days break.  Whatever it is, I definitely find Mondays to be a struggle.  I often wonder would I feel different if my bedroom was a gorgeous sunshiny yellow?  Would it make a difference? 

Then a thought occurs to me.   If I’m feeling like this every Monday morning then are my kids feeling like this too?  I think they might be!  Monday mornings mean raised voices and the constant battle to get the kids moving, all while I’m still yawning. There are no smiles and laughter. We’ve all got the Monday morning blues.

So what can I do to fix this problem?  What if my kids rooms featured bright sunshiny yellow as well?  Would it make a difference?  Would they be happier, more compliant,  easier to get along with at the beginning of every week?  Do colours make a difference in a bedroom?  Hmmm.  It’s possible you know.  Here is a little about the colour Yellow…

Yellow is associated with sun, warmth, happiness, fun and friendship.  I’m pretty sure McDonalds made the big M yellow for a reason.  Yellow is cheery and stands out.  It appeals to kids and lets face it, every kid I know can spot the Yellow M of a Maccas sign from a mile away.    

So with the knowledge that yellow evokes happiness and fun amongst other positive emotions, I need to decide if I should convert my room to a yellow haven, or the kids rooms to yellow rooms of fun.  Maybe I can just add a few yellow accents to their rooms through the use of accessories.  Yellow certainly is in “vogue” at the moment.  It features frequently in all the current home magazines and looks amazing with so many colour combinations (yellow and grey being my favourite!)

Why not add a bit of yellow to your life and try and chase away those Monday morning blues.  It could be the answer we’ve all been looking for!


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