Monday, June 4, 2012

Children's Floor Rugs for Boys

When it comes to Children's floor rugs what is a good price and what exactly do you expect to get with regard to look, feel and durability?  When I was considering a rug for my son's room I knew I wanted to pay no more than $149.00-$249.00.  I wanted the rug to last at least five to seven years and it needed to have a non slip backing to ensure safety on bare floorboards.  I was also looking for a colour and design that would compliment the room while still fitting in to any decor  changes I made throughout the lifetime of the rug.  During this long search for the perfect rug I discovered that a good quality, reasonably priced rug for children is next to impossible to find.

That was when I discovered Bug Rugs.  Bug Rugs are meticulously hand crafted  to be soft, plush and easy to care for.  They're made form 100% superior grade Japanese acrylic yarn with heavy duty 100% cottom backing, making them both substantial in quality and non slip.  My son now has a bug rug in his room and it's worn very well over a period of time.  It vacuums up nicely and does not leave fluff or carpet fibres everywhere.  I finally found out perfect floor rug!

Look at these gorgeous boys rugs from Bug Rugs!

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