Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To School Tips

That back to school time of year is almost upon us again,  so we wanted to share some tips on how we think you can help to encourage good homework habits for your child.  Here are five handy tips to keep in mind...

1.  Ensure that the desk chosen has adequate space.  It's important that your child can sit comfortably while still having room for an adult to accompany them should they need help.  Our recommendations in a desk would be the Sirocco turned or tapered leg desk with a hutch, which is fantastic for extra storage. I love how the drawers in both these desks are hidden yet they are still nice and large.  Another great advantage of the Sirocco desks is that two people can sit at the desk quite easily,  with a chair fitting comfortably under each drawer.

2.  Posture and comfort is important, so a good comfortable chair that grows with your child is a great addition to your child's homework space.

3.  Good lighting is important to prevent eye strain and tiredness,  so make sure that the work area is well lit.

4.  Cork boards or notice boards located close to the desk or work area are a great tool.  I find them very useful when displaying my son's words for the week as well as school notices and assignment due dates. Displaying important reminders in this way ensures nothing is forgotten.

5.  Labelled storage is a great way to ensure that your child can find exactly what they need as well as returning it to the correct place.   Having somewhere specific to store their items will also result in a tidy uncluttered desk,  therefore allowing your child the space they need to work efficiently.

Follow these tips and you're well on your way to creating the perfect working environment for your child.


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