Monday, September 13, 2010

113 Days

The weekends seem to go so quickly before you know it Monday is here and we have to get back into the swing of another week. After having sick children last week with high temps and home all weekend, I was looking forward to doing a drop off at school, a quick stop in at Hello Gary for my morning coffee and off to open the shop.
My morning went so quickly with a few visits from reps and ordering more stock...we have some lovely gift ranges arriving for.. Yes I am going to say it "CHRISTMAS".... A gorgeous girlfriend said the to me last week 113 days to go.
One of our gift ranges that will be arriving shortly is the Master Chef Boxed Gift Sets. We all enjoyed watching it last night and of course my 6 year old had to cut up the carrots tonight whilst I was nervously encouraging the good gesture.
Sirocco Table Setting


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