Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Bed Linen

I had a Gorgeous Customer in today who wanted to refresh her little girls room for Summer. Of course pink was the colour choice with a few white accessories. Quilt Cover choice "Bella Rose"  a pretty pink floral, ticking pink stripe and polka dots. I have placed a few little accessories that would match this bed linen beautfully.



Ruby and Belle said...

These a beautiful Mel, I wish my Ruby was still little and would let me fill her room with things other than Hannah Montana (Ahhh!)
I haven't forgotten about you, has been a little crazy but will pop down with some dolls for you soon.
My little man is sick, me too so might be next week.

Little People's Linen said...

Hi Mekaela thanks!!! The blogging world takes up alot of time...finding myself going to bed later and later. Joel my prep year son was home all last week with High Temps and slept for 4 days basically got up for a drink and back down again. There is alot going around at the moment. Hope your little fellow gets better soon.
Your blog looks great. I know you are busy, I will see you when you get in. Take care..Mel xx