Monday, August 30, 2010

A Busy Day

Do you sometimes feel you are wearing about 10 hats during the day? The day starts off at 6am "puppy trainer" (yes a new puppy in our household), lunches, breakfast, uniforms, drop off at school! Then the business women hat comes on whilst in the car returning calls. A quick stop off at Hello Garry's for my morning coffee because I have seen to everyone else this morning but myself! Sounds Familiar?

Arrive at work its only till 2.30pm, but it is all go, Between all of this I am facebooking, blogging and web designing, ordering stock, unpacking stock and always my worst nightmare the paper work trail which I am sure you get on top of it but the pile just grows again and again.

Race out the door, school pickup, drop offs to after school activities, race home, dinner washing homework and kids to bed, Rodger walks in the door and askes me "What did you do today?"


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