Friday, July 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

Boy does'nt time fly? I have not posted anything since we announced the Side Walk Sale. Yes very slack of me... A Big Thank You to all our wonderful customers that turned up in the pouring rain for our annual side walk sale. It was a fun day in the rain!

Our camera was ready to go to take lots of photo's on the day of customers shopping for bargains, but my hands just not get away from ringing up goods and packing. Sorry ladies next year there will be plenty of photo's.

I would also like to mention "Roberta" who somehow was awake at 6am and sent me a very kind text offering their large marquee. See I had been up since 3am listening to the pouring rain bucketing down and tried waking my husband up several times "Rodger can you hear that rain?" Now I am sure you can all relate to this, Rodger rolled over and kept on breathing heavy...Lol Lol whilst I layed there listening to the rain, stressing that my customers are going to get wet and my stock.

A big thanks Roberta as it was a lovely success for Little People's Linen and all our customers that walked away smiling with their bargains.


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