Monday, September 27, 2010

A Caramel Nursery?

I remember too well creating my first baby's nursery! At the time I did not know what sex my baby was and at that point I did not have Little People's Linen 12- 13 years ago. The market had very little choice, all my friends had Living Textiles Twinkle Little Star Linen a buttermilk yellow with stars. Of course I had to be different!!! There is so much choice on the market today my favourite fabrics have to be...........................

Red Plum Linen they offer such a beautiful range of fabrics and best of all they are so easy to mix and match together. I have created a neutral board using caramel spots, caramel lattice and caramel stripes below to give you a little idea. 


Letitia Linke said...

I love these colours! Great inspiration, I am helping my sister in law with her 3rd baby's room and these are the colours we are working with. Letitia x

Little People's Linen said...

Hi Letitia they do work really well together these colours! You will create a gorgeous nursery for your sister in law. Please yell out if you need any extra ideas. Mel x